dotSwift 2020

04 Feb 2020

This year was my first I’ve attended and I am so glad I did, brilliant talks throughout the day followed by two days of training in SwiftUI and Combine by Daniel Steinberg.

I particularly enjoyed Gui Rambo’s talk about how we can improve our use of MVC to avoid massive view controllers and the like, without having to adopt whichever other pattern is trendy at the time. This is something that I am a huge fan of doing already, mainly by dividing up view controllers into multiple embedded child view controllers rather than trying to fit everything into one view controller per ‘screen’ of the app - something that I see very often. As well as avoiding massive view controllers it also naturally allows for better code reuse 🤩

The training in SwiftUI was also very interesting, while still being accessible to people without any prior experience of the framework, it was completely engaging and I definitely picked up a few tricks. I’m someone who has only played with SwiftUI for fun and doesn’t yet have much chance to practice it professionally (hopefully we won’t have to support iOS 12 next year 🤞); just seeing how Daniel approached tackling some common problems as well as how he organises his code was very valuable.

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