Simple SwiftUI app displaying weather information from DarkSky
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Backend for a multiplayer blackjack game written in swift with vapor.
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Simple first flutter app.
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HealthPod iOS App

27 Aug 2019

The HealthPod App is finally live! 🥳

Research Project (GraphBox iOS App)

01 May 2017

As my final project at the University of Leeds I built an educational app for iOS using the multi-paradigm programming language swift and Xcode. The app’s purpose is to aid...

Mobile Application Development Team Project

01 Nov 2016

In this project my team and I were tasked with developing an iOS application using primarily swift and Xcode. We produced a social networking app, with the goal of providing...

Restaurant Management System

01 Feb 2016

This was a group project in which my team designed and produced a client-server application for use in managing a restaurant. This system needed to be capable of: taking table...