HealthPod iOS App

27 Aug 2019

The HealthPod App is finally live! 🥳

This was one of the last projects I worked on at netsells, and one that (before leaving) I was able to work on largely on my own. It’s a lot of fun being able to make big(ish) architectural decisions without having to convince everyone else first! One such decision, implementing a hierarchy of UINavigationController subclasses, each subclass adding a bit of functionality on top of the previous one worked brilliantly for the scope of this app (although wouldn’t have suited all problems). The first subclass added a custom back button icon to all nav bars; the second added a close button that could dismiss the nav controller and its view controllers; and the third added a progress bar (in place of the title view) that could be set for each nav bar by having the nav controller’s view controllers conform to a protocol. This meant that no custom functionality in our navigation controllers and bars was ever duplicated. However, it wouldn’t have worked as well if some of the progress bar screens needed a close button but some others didn’t for example (in this case they all did).

One thing that was especially interesting was implementing a twilio client for the 30 minute scheduled video chats. It needed a waiting room as well as needing to be able to handle waiting for the other user to connect/reconnect etc. with the constraints of having a fixed 30 minute window for the call - more states to worry about that a straight forward video call.

As well as using twilio, the app also had to interact with our server using a pretty typical RESTful API. Nothing unusual but that’s not a bad thing 😌.

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