Flutter Experiment

30 Jan 2019

With all the buzz around flutter at the moment, especially among the android developers at work I find, I thought I’d have a go at making a simple app. So I made a to do list app of course.

Initial impressions

I am probably biased. Maybe the development cost savings are worth it, but overall, I definitely don’t think it approaches the native Xcode development for iOS at least. And, although the apps look good, to me they just don’t feel as nice on iOS, and there are things that make them pretty destingishable.

However! The hot reload was really cool, and definitely saves a lot of time. I also quite like the step away from ‘Storyboard-like’ development, I’ve been trying to use storyboards less in my Xcode/swift development anyway, I think it promotes reusability can produce simpler code.


Another nice thing is not being as chained to Xcode. Although I think Xcode is pretty great, I prefer using Vim keybindings which is impossible or a pain to get working with Xcode. Android studio and the fist party plugin for VSCode both work great and allow for Vim keybindings 🥳.

I like Vim a lot though, so I spent way longer than was worth it setting up neovim for flutter development and it did a pretty good job thanks to LanguageClient-neovim & dart_language_server, deoplete.nvim and dart-vim-plugin.