Hello and welcome to my website! It’s still always a work in progress but you can see my recent blog posts below, read a bit about me at About or about my recent software projects at Projects 🤓.

Recent Posts

dotSwift 2020

04 Feb 2020

This year was my first I’ve attended and I am so glad I did, brilliant talks throughout the day followed by two days of training in SwiftUI and Combine by...

HealthPod iOS App

27 Aug 2019

The HealthPod App is finally live! 🥳

SwiftUI OMDb search experiment

05 Jun 2019

SwiftUI, announced yesterday at WWDC, is very cool 🤓. Allowing you to create your UI with a declarative style it seems to reduce a lot of boiler plate code. And...

Custom ‘tab bar controller’ for two child...

24 May 2019

The App uses an interesting way of navigating to and from its settings menu. It performs the role of a tab bar, but possibly looks a lot cleaner...

Flutter Experiment

30 Jan 2019

With all the buzz around flutter at the moment, especially among the android developers at work I find, I thought I’d have a go at making a simple app. <a...

PowerCLI: Reset VM to Current Snapshot

21 Jun 2018

One thing I often found myself doing with the VMWare vSphere client is resetting VMs to their previous snapshot, therefore ‘cleaning’ them. I’ve since started using PowerCLI for almost everything,...

GoLang GUI Libraries

20 Jun 2018

At work, I’ve recently had the need to create simple desktop programs for Windows to provide more effective user interfaces to configure and launch a number of scripts. And, mainly...

PowerShell User Interaction

20 Apr 2018

With a lot of scripts, automating repetitive tasks is the goal, and therefore user interaction should be minimal. That being said, PowerShell is rich in ways to handle it.

PowerShell with Vim

05 Apr 2018

Using Vim with and to write PowerShell!

Mike Attewell on Britain's Decline

09 Mar 2018

Local Durham artist, Mike Attewell, recounts the erosion of the welfare state during his lifetime for this week’s Guardian ‘Good To Meet You’.

PowerShell Notes Gist

12 Feb 2018

Just for the sake of writing a Github Gist I decided to post some of the notes I made when first learning PowerShell.

PowerShell XAML GUI

13 Dec 2017

Hello! Today I wanted to write a bit about creating GUIs/forms as part of PowerShell scripts. Sometimes having a GUI rather than just a command line interface for scripts can...

PowerShell git branch GridView

11 Dec 2017

Hello! Today, I needed a way to easily input a branch name into a PowerShell script. To do this, I decided to use what is easily the most fun cmdlet:...

Kepier Woods Durham

09 Dec 2017

As a token bit of fresh air having gone up to visit family in Durham this weekend, I went for a walk down the river Wear to Kepier Woods where...

PowerShell File Versions

05 Dec 2017

Today, as part of a larger script, I needed to write a PowerShell function to check that an assembly’s version number had been properly bumped between two builds of a...

Research Project (GraphBox iOS App)

01 May 2017

As my final project at the University of Leeds I built an educational app for iOS using the multi-paradigm programming language swift and Xcode. The app’s purpose is to aid...

Mobile Application Development Team Project

01 Nov 2016

In this project my team and I were tasked with developing an iOS application using primarily swift and Xcode. We produced a social networking app, with the goal of providing...

Restaurant Management System

01 Feb 2016

This was a group project in which my team designed and produced a client-server application for use in managing a restaurant. This system needed to be capable of: taking table...